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2008 is a year that the whole nation will celebrate, and is a year that belongs to the Chinese people. As to Shangao Metal Products Co. Ltd., 2008 is also a magnificent year as the Olympic Games.At the beginning of 2008, we formally moved into the new factory on the banks of Nanhai, and integrated into the “Shangao Metal Products Co. Ltd.” from the original factory name of“Shanghua” and the product brand of “Aomei”, and the new factory is located in the picturesque scenic spot on the west bank of Xiqiao Town, Nanhai, where green hills surround, green trees are flourishing, and the environment is excellent. The new factory occupies a land area of 60 mu, the office and workshop building area is 38000m2, and the living facilities for employees are complete.The completion and use of the new factory provides us broad space for production and development. We have equipped more equipment, and increased the workforce to 180 staff at present from 100 previously, and set up the foreign trade and export department, and further perfected the management structure, resulting in the great improvement in product quality and production capacity.No matter Shanghua yesterday or Shangao today, our sincerity to customers remains the same, we warmly welcome new and old friends all over the world, and ask you to have faith in our experiences and this whole new broad space, our products will become more and more superior, and our services will become more and more considerate.

Manufacture perfect products, establish everlasting brand

Corporate Spirit Perseverance,innovation and aggression.

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