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      Our business has always been to follow the "everyone is a talent" principle, adhere to the "best use, the amount is only applicable" employment standards in the personnel selection or promotion, we always adhere to is "capable, the levels were so, the under leadership of cadres, can go up or down "principle, in the employment process, never considered relatives, friends, human relations, background, instead focusing on the actual ability of workers, re-performance, light qualifications, deeds, light age, followed by a "fair, just, open, competitive, merit-based" principle, all of the leading cadres elected by the employees, including department heads, department-level leadership and grassroots group leaders, independent election by employees. Meanwhile, in the training of staff, we buy a lot of books through the preparation of company organization personnel, the issuance of a variety of learning materials, purchasing audio equipment, broadcasting, televised, CD-ROM teaching, through examinations, competitions and other ways to reward employees motivated studious , encouragement, encourage employees to learn, we also hire experts to give lectures for employees of enterprises, but also sending workers and related professionals to Zhengzhou grain College and other places for further study or training, enterprise workers also contributed to the funding of Learning "financial Accounting" "business Administration" and other professionals. Ideological education of workers, mainly from the family virtues education, social morality, professional ethics, etc., mobilize and guide the workers to improve their own quality, dedication to do in the enterprise, so that care for the young in the family. At the same time, opened the academic education classes, staff training methods of leadership and management and other aspects of the arts, improve the management level leadership, to facilitate employees to better accept the management, by learning and constantly improve their own level, to be well adapted to needs of enterprise development.
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